Environmental Sovereignty Preparation project

SIPC is working globally with Indigenous Peoples to promote the Climate Change and International Indigenous Environmental Law (CCIIEEL) initiative to promote, develop and disseminate existing and new international legal instruments to implement international accords and policies to minimize the destruction resulting from changing climate.  With the help of the Center for World Indigenous Studies, CCIIEL advisors (including SIPC Board members) have launched the Environmental Sovereignty Preparation project to carry out the CCIIEL initiative. This project is not funded.
The goal of the Environmental sovereignty preparation project is to preserve and restore indigenous lands so that indigenous Peoples and their neighbors can continue to live:
  • Research and document indigenous needs in the emerging field of international environmental and related human rights law especially related to Climate Change while developing webtools and planning on-site trainings.
  • Collaborate with Indigenous Peoples and organizations to develop a plan to access international environmental and related human rights legal services for on-site trainings and the webtool while documenting and exploring emerging Climate Change needs.
  • Implement digitally-based legal services around the web archive for indigenous Peoples to advance measures that promote mitigation or adaptation to Climate Change.
  • Promote respectful, productive relationships with colonial powers according to the needs of each People’s waters, winds, and lands, prioritizing the issues related to Climate Change through the establishment of recursive on-site legal trainings.