Mississippi Delta Inter-tribal Taskforce

The Biloxi-Chitimacha Confederation of Muskogees and Pointe-au-Chien Tribe are participating in the Delta Taskforce to address the saltiness and pollution of freshwater. They will also address the toxicity of the water that soaks their ceremonial grounds and food harvesting areas. If your People are interested in participating in this task force, please contact isledejeancharles@southeastpeoples.org.
The Task Force is based in what is now Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes but they fish in neighboring areas as their ancestors have for countless generations.  Recently the 3-month-long BP Oil Discharge into the Gulf of Mexico changed the focus of the Task Force. Now they are focusing on monitoring and cleaning oil deposits from water, land, and the beautiful blend of land and water in the marshes. Also the Task Force is facilitating reports of health impacts from oil, toxic pollutants, and corexit.
The Task Force has to address climate change issues as melting arctic ice buoys the northwest end of the continent and depresses the southeast end of the continent--especially in the Gulf. The current Peoples of the Task Force face relocation and they invite neighboring Peoples to join them as climate change and colonial engineering bring the coastline further north.
In addition to industrial toxic pollution, the long drawn-out 2010 BP Oil Discharge, and climate change, the Task Force continues to address the US policies executed by the Army Corps of Engineers, which these coastal Peoples have endured for 5 generations.  The levee system impedes the natural cycle of the Mississippi floods, which replace sediment eroded by the sea. Therefore there is less soil and the soil that is on the coast is saltier, and of course more toxic than it ever has been for thousands of years.  Because of the environmental  policies of the US, coastal survivors of the American holocaust now lose their homelands.  The Task Force seeks to create methods for Indigenous Peoples to participate in environmental planning while it works to include more Indigenous Peoples.