Indigenous Water Working Group

SIPC empowers an Indigenous People by renewing our connections and traditions of working together for physical and cultural survival.  SIPC's Food Committee addresses the threats to our survival by promoting the Indigenous Water Working Group (IWWG), an informal indigenous group based in the indigenous reality that the quality of water, like blood in our veins, cannot be isolated to a certain member or People but affects the body of land or Peoples as a whole. Southeast Indigenous Peoples have been working together to respect and protect the purity of water for countless generations. Now we are organizing in a modern manner to make our water wisdom accessible to our neighbors.
SIPC is coordinating the IWWG Stewardship Project to facilitate Inter-Tribal Task Forces to listen to the water, define the Basin’s needs, develop and implement solutions. The IWWG Task Forces work with neighbors on issues affecting indigenous waters. Please email if you are interested in working on these watersystems:
Basin Task Forces are not fully functional due to funding shortages.

The IWWG Stewardship Project intends to:
1) Create a safe space and administrative channels for indigenous Peoples to contribute our voice to environmental discussions in areas where we are in traditional relationship with the waters of our ancestors especially with regard to the projected climate change of less water in the Southeast. 
2) Research, discuss, assess, and evaluate methods of effecting environmental justice today especially with regard to mitigating and adapting to climate changes.
3)  Work through Task Forces with agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders to create consensus on methods of managing water quality and quantity and mitigating climate changes and to assert our rights to participate in water stewardship and climate protection decisions.
4) Act in concert with other indigenous Peoples to mitigate climate change and protect water.