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Picture A southeast Native is struggling to grow strong with weakened Native ground. Most southeast indigenous Peoples do not have access to federal funds earmarked for Natives. Like Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians, southeast Native Peoples were weakened by disease, slavery, fraud, and the collapse of our economies to the point that the US, despite our legal rights, did not consider us powers worthy of consideration.  Today our hunting, fishing, planting, and gathering bring us poisoned gifts from the earth. Nevertheless, many southeast Natives live on a subsistence economy utilizing all available resources to learn ways that can help their People.

US Dollars, backed in part by southeast lands, could help a Southeast Native gain ground in the educational race toward the future of sustainable living with non-Natives in the Southeast. SIPC has not found any existing indigenous educational organization that can help Southeast Natives get access to university education.  Please email if you have ideas how we could establish a scholarship fund to give hope to the descendants of Osceola, Junaluska, and multitudes of great southeast indigenous leaders that they may grow into great indigenous leaders themselves.